Portrait of a BJD

Portrait of a BJD
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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tis the Season!

Happy December everyone!

I have been very busy lately...I am currently teaching an online class on 'That Creative Place' website "Sculpting a Realistic Baby"...and am still working on my gofun bjd (ball joint doll) in between sculpting babies for my online class! Work is going well on the ball joint, but I am really starting to feel the time constraint especially since IDEX is really only just a little over a month away...time flies!
...and then there is Christmas...and I have not even started to shop! I think I will attempt to get all my presents online this year. I really need to free up some more studio time! My whole family has been fighting some kind of stomach virus lately...further adding to the time constraints!
I did book my room today for IDEX though...and I am gearing up! I just hope I have finished what I need to have finished by then! Heres hoping!! I will post some new wip pics of the gofun bjd soon!--Kori

Sunday, November 14, 2010

"Sculpt a Realistic Baby" online class starts tomorrow!!

Go to the following link for more information and to register for class:
I hope to see you in class!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Living in a world of dolls, the work of Koitsukihime

Enjoy this look at the great work of Koitsukihime, she is a big inspiration to my own work! Some of her work is a bit creepy and surreal, she was inspired by the work of Hans Bellmer who was a surrealist artist. I like the more traditional dolls...that is where my work is headed... Enjoy!!

Japanese Doll Making

This is a wonderful video showing traditional Japanese techniques using gofun. In this video they are molding dolls in a wood composite...my new dolls are completely hand sculpted and coated in gofun and are BJDs (ball joint dolls), the new line "La Belle Poupee", will be released in January at IDEX.

Subscribe to my blog for more updates on my "La Belle Poupee" doll line! ...I will be posting pictures of the work in progress of one of my new dolls as I go through the creation process!

Monday, November 8, 2010

More work in progress pictures...

Legs and arms are almost done for my BJD...they of course will be cut later to accomodate the ball joints. I just got in some gorgeous silk that I ordered from India for the doll's costume. No hints yet as to who she will be...but, stay tuned...I will continue to add photos of the work in progress!

Monday, November 1, 2010

More work finished on new gofun doll...

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to share the progress being made on my new gofun doll. You can see now that her head is sanded thoroughly, as well as work on her torso has started as well as on her arms...the torso and arms are just in their rough stages now. (Star is for modesty!) I will post more pictures as I have some progress!--Kori

Monday, October 25, 2010

New Gofun BJD Dolls!

I am so excited! I finally have my new dolls getting close to completion! I have been working, researching and learning this new technique for over a year now! The supplies and the technique are all from early Japanese methods. I have purchased probably over a dozen books from Japan on this ancient doll art...and have been researching and learning this technique over the past year! I am so excited now to have a doll finally nearing completion! I still have many, many hours of work ahead of me...and my deadline of January 27, getting closer and closer! I will be unveiling my new line of dolls 'La Belle Poupee', January 27-30 at the IDEX show in Orlando, Florida!

I can't believe it has been a year already, since I first started this venture! A year of many challenges and hurdles! First was the daunting task of learning this method from Japanese books...when I do not speak or read Japanese! Next, after I got over the language barrier was the task of finding a supplier for all my supplies...but here I am, with a head nearing the final stages! I still need to sculpt some more on the head...then several more layers of gofun need to be added, and of course sanding, burnishing and painting! Her body is still in it's very rough stages...but looks like a body anyway!! She will be 20 inches when finished and will have set in eyes and of course a ball jointed body. I will post pictures here on my blog as I work for those of you who are curious!...so stay tuned!!--Kori

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Dolls Magazine Digital Edition - December 2010

Here is a copy of my recent article in the current issue of DOLLS magazine (December 2010 issue). Wil Peterson wrote the article from our interview in August. The article discusses some of my recent works as well as announces my soon to be released new line of dolls 'La Belle Poupee', which will be unveiled January 2011 at the IDEX show in Orlando, Florida! To view the complete article click on the link below:
Dolls Magazine Digital Edition - December 2010

Monday, October 11, 2010

New Products in my Etsy Store!


Fall is here and I am gearing up for a new class "Sculpting a Realistic Baby"...this will be a fun class...for who could not love sculpting tiny, sweet toes and little dimpled bottoms?

I have added several new products to my Etsy store in anticipation of this class. I have many pairs of my hand made glass-like eyes, as well as lens only eyes, and eyes on wire. Also, a brand new product, "Kori's Wax Dip"...the name sounds funny...but it is a fabulous product! My secret wax formula will transform that dull clay look into a warm, luminescent glow...just like real skin! To use this wax dip is really very simple...melt the wax in a double boiler or in a small crock pot...then simply dip your doll or it's parts. Allow the doll to cool...then put in your home oven at 200 degrees and allow the wax to melt 'off'...leaving a beautiful sheen behind!

I have also ordered from my supplier the "Ultimate" sculpting tool...so I will have many of those back in stock...this simple wooden tool is my favorite tool and highly recommended for any artist working in clay!

Well back to the studio now, I have lots of work to do and am really looking forward to class starting again. Class will begin November 1! See my class link to register...till later!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Baby Class is now posted!!

Hello everyone,

I am pleased to announce my online "Sculpt a Realistic Baby" Class is now ready for Registration! Class officially begins November 1, (the forum will be available that day). The forum will be open from November 1-December 15. I am always available to students via email. This class as I have previously stated, will have a download-able workbook with many pictures to guide you and two versions of babies instructions.

Also included, about 75+ baby anatomy reference pictures, anatomy charts, and one of my exclusive costume patterns to dress your baby! Sign up here to register: http://thatcreativeplace.com/html/kori_leppart-butts.html

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Babies Class and new doll supplies on Etsy!

Hello everyone,

It has been a while now since I have posted here. I apologise for the long absence. I will be starting my babies class soon on http://www.thatcreatplace.com/ website. If you are interested in this class you can get on my mailing list to be alerted when class sign-ups begin. They will start early this October, with class beginning later this month! The class will instruct you on two ways to sculpt a baby. One will be fully sculpted as a solid figure, the other you will sculpt head, arms, and legs and attach them to a bean-bag style body. This type of doll is very poseable. Dolls can be made any size you desire. The class also includes a down loadable workbook with pictures and full instructions to make both styles of babies and a clothing pattern to complete your baby.

I am going to post new supplies tonight on my Etsy store in anticipation for this class. The doll pictured here is sculpted in Prosculpt and dipped in wax. This wax dip helps to add the lovely sheen and translucency to the skin of the doll...giving it a more life-like appearance. This wax will be available in my Etsy store...with full instructions for it's use. The wax can be used on any polymer doll or air dry clay doll to add a unique finish! I also have many hand-made eyes which will be added to my store over the next couple of days. You may view my store here... http://www.etsy.com/shop/turtlechild Please check back often as I will be adding new supplies daily through -out the week!! Hope to see you in class!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Classes starting again soon!

I just got off the phone with my friend Lisa Gatz of That Creative Place...and I will be starting my online classes again soon! First class up will be "Babies"...the class will show students how to sculpt a realistic, fully sculpted baby and also a baby with a soft cloth body. The class will start in late October/early November. If you have ever wanted to sculpt a baby this is a great way to learn. The classes are conducted online on www.thatcreativeplace.com website at your own pace, in your own home! What could be better?? The class has a downloadable workbook with pictures, and an online forum to ask questions, get instructions and get to know your fellow students! Past classes have been alot of fun...and a lot of new friendships are made! I hope you can join us! To sign up or get on a list to be notified of when sign up is available, you can email me turtle.child@yahoo.com . I am planning to have another class this winter as well, "Creative Costuming"...no time is set for this class however.
Meanwhile, I have been hard at work on my new line of BJD dolls (these new ones have not yet been debuted). I will unveil them officially this next January at IDEX in Orlando, Florida. Dolls magazine is doing a feature article on me, my work and my upcoming new line of dolls...it will be in the December issue of Dolls magazine! This will be my first "feature" article and I am thrilled about it!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

New Face for Alice!...and News from my Studio

Alice's new face for my polymer BJD is finished! If you remember from past posts, I was not happy with the first head I made for Alice...I was sick at the time with gall bladder attacks before my trip to Chicago and needed a quick head to finish the BJD I was working on. The first head I made for Alice looked "pained" and not like my work at all...so I said "OFF WITH HER HEAD!"...and made a new one. So, Alice is done except for her shoes... I will be making her high top boots and then she will be finished!
Also on Friday, I finished an interview for DOLLS magazine, which will appear in the December issue of the magazine. This will be my first appearance in DOLLS magazine, so I am very excited to be published in it! Alice will also make her appearance in the magazine.
I can't wait to get back to my large Gofun BJD's... It will be great to get back to work on these, as it really is my new passion! I am anxious to debut them finally, work was put off for about a year now because of work done in anticiapation for ODACA membership....so I am excited to get back to it! I plan on debuting my new line of dolls at the IDEX show in January. I will post some wip pics here and there to show the progress...
That is about all I have to say this beautiful Sunday morning...It is starting to feel like fall and I am embracing the new season...and the cooler temperatures! Happy Weekend Everyone! Until next time!!--Kori

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sculpting in my Studio Again!

Well, I am finally back to work after surgery and a month or so of physical set-backs! It seems it has been months since I have picked up the clay and got back to work. First on the agenda is a new head for my new BJD (Ball Joint doll) Alice...and then on to completing her accessories. I was not fond of her head at all...so I decided..."Off with her head", and on with a new one!
I sculpted my new BJD Alice when I was very sick, enduring what seemed to be daily gall-bladder attacks. It was getting near time to leave for the ODACA convention in Chicago, and my new BJD I had been sculpting for over a month needed a head...so, a very "pained expressioned Alice is what came out...Lesson learned...never sculpt when you are sick...your emotions definately show through in your work! I will post pictures of the new and improved Alice as I go along!
It is such a relief to finally be back in my studio and at work again! Another news brief from my studio...I have a brand new line of large BJDs waiting to debut. I have been working on these new BJDs for over a year now and had to put them aside as I went through the ODACA membership process and then of course gall bladder surgery. They are very large 20 to 30 inches! They will be quite different than any of my other dolls, but this is the new direction I am pursuing with my work. I hope you all enjoy the new direction my work is taking me. I still will be making my miniature sculpts and cabinet size polymer dolls for my collectors out there...no worries about that! But, as a former tailor, I have been dieing to get my costume design techniques out and making a line of dolls that can change costumes easily like BJDs do! Stay tuned...there will be alot of new dolls coming out of my studio soon! Until we talk again!--Kori

Saturday, July 31, 2010

My surgery is over...and am healing fine!

Hello everyone,
I had my gall bladder surgery this last Wednesday. It was over and done and within 3 hours of the surgery I was on my way home to sleep and recover!
It is three days now and I am able to eat foods with flavor (and fat) again! Yay!! I am also healing well and not as sore as I have been the past two days...I have been ordering supplies to finish my new line of large ball joint dolls and I am looking forward to returning to my studio soon to work on them...I think I may even venture up there today and clean some!!
Thank you to all my sweet friends for your well wishes and prayers...I am truely touched!!
I can't wait now to get back to work...I have all kinds of ideas rolling around in my head! Stay tuned...new WIP pics soon to come!!--Kori

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Back from Chicago!!

Well, I am back from Chicago and what a wonderful trip I had! I have been so looking forward to it...and it was better than I had imagined it would be! I am now officially an ODACA artist and my show went so well...I SOLD OUT! ...all but 3 miniature pieces sold...Marie Therese sold within the first 10 minutes of the show being open and I also took custom orders for other dolls "like" her (same coloring and similar historical time period)...I also sold "Alice"...but I will be replacing her head for the collector, as I had planned to do when I returned. (it was a quick head done when I was in alot of pain--so she had a "pained" expression) My first two large ball joint gofun dolls are also already spoken for! I have a waiting list for the dolls after the first two!! So, it was far and above what I had expected! I enjoyed my time I spent with my new friend Flo Hanover (my roomate at ODACA)...we became close friends in our two days!
I have to say the ODACA members are the most generous and giving group of talented artists...I had so much fun with them and I am honored to be a member! I din't get alot of pictures like I had intended, I really was so busy I barely had time to visit the other artist's tables. Our show ended at 5 and I was able to make it to the NIADA show...it was a thrill for me to finally meet Ankie Daanen, Marlene Verhelst, Annie Wahl and Donna May Robinson (picture 4 here). Beautiful work at this show as well, although I was disappointed there were not more artists present.
An added entertainment bonus was that they were filming Transformers 3 right beneath our hotel and we had a bird's eye view of the filming! I was sitting in my hotel room window everyday watching the process as they continued to use the street set, they had set up over and over in different configurations at what looks like will be several scenes in the film! I managed to take more pictures of this than the actula shows!! (first snapshots)
My gall bladder which has been giving me trouble for three years and steady trouble for the last few weeks managed to hang through with me for the duration of the show (although I had to remain on my no-fat diet the whole time in Chicago!) Upon arriving home I have either been in the clinic, ER or in tests at the clinic...my surgery is now scheduled for this next Wednesday morning...I am looking forward to being pain free and back in my studio working!! A special tahnk you to Loretta Polaski of IADR for the picture of me at the show...I wouldn't of had one myself!!--Thanks Loretta!!
I will be out of commission for about a week here as I recover from my surgery...I am looking forward to getting back to work!!--Kori

Friday, July 16, 2010

On my way to ODACA convention!!

Good day everyone!! Well, I am finished making my dolls and packing to go to the ODACA convention! This is the third and final leg of the membership process. I will find out at the convention if I make it into ODACA as a member. This final phase is the interview and critique. The ODACA convention is being held in Chicago at the Hyatt Regency Hotel across the street from the Swisse Hotel where the NIADA convention is being held. If you have a chance please come to visit the ODACA show on Sunday!
About Alice, I have decided to take her to the show, but I won't be using her in my critique...I didn't like at all the way her face turned out...I think all the stress and working that day when I was ill...came out in the pained expression on her face. I have decided when I return from the ODACA show, I am going to pop off her head and make a whole brand new one...this time I will not be rushed and will have the time to sculpt a beautiful head. Then I will be pleased with her...So....OFF WITH HER HEAD! lol!! I still have several accessories to make for her as well. She was my first BJD and I want to be proud of her and right now I am NOT.
Well, I am taking my camera and plan on having lots of pictures of the show when I return. --Kori

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Alice...has got her "muchness"...

Good morning everyone!! Well, Alice is almost finished now...all she needs are her shoes! I managed to take one quick snapshot before my camera battery died. It was late and the lighting in my bedroom was terrible...but anyway I thought you all might like to see how she is coming along. She is still missing a small friend that she will have with her at the ODACA show...which is not finished yet. But, I really need to move along... better pictures of "Alice" will come along later in the week!
I am feeling a little better lately although I still am very uncomfortable in the evenings from my gall bladder...I have a follow-up appointment with my doctor this Wednesday and he will let me know if I am still able to attend the ODACA show or not...cross your fingers (a prayer would help too! ;-) ) Thank you to all my friends and well-wishers...your sweet comments and encouragement have helped me stay focused and driven to finish this last week.
Well...I still have two pairs of shoes to finish (one are Alice's)...and a whole new sculpt to finish, as well as some costume touch ups....before I leave on friday. So I best be getting back to it!! ...till later--Kori

Friday, June 11, 2010

Ball Joint Doll is almost done now...

I have been working tirelessly on my new ball-joint doll. It has turned out to be alot more work than I bargained for. I re-made the torso twice...I now plan on re-sculpting one of the hands...I don't like the finger positions on it. But, other than that...all I have left is to sculpt the feet. After that the "proof" of all my efforts...stringing the doll. I will only show her when she is finally 100% complete.
I am gearing up for the ODACA show...and with the amount of time this doll has taken me, it has put me behind of where I need to be. I will next make the civil war era child and hopefully I will still have some time to sculpt some minatures to take to the show. Well, I am off now up to my studio...until later!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Spring is finally here and I am "spring" cleaning the studio!!

Hello and Happy spring everyone!!

I have been very busy since I returned from my vacation down south... I got some fun new supplies while vacationing...nice old pieces of facric and laces! I have been going through my studio and cleaning and organizing. I must confess I am somewhat of a pack-rat! As I am sure most artists will admit to! ;-) I have quite a few things that I have decided to purge and pass on to others who might need or want...I will put the supplies on Etsy or Ebay (not sure which items will be sold where)...but I have some great instructional videos and DVD's... books, and of course many destash items to pass on to some one else who might find them inspirational! I will post the links here as well as on my FB pages.

I am happy to report that my new ball-joint doll is coming along nicely...and I will soon have new wip pics to show!! I am still working out the bugs in the joints...but hope to have my doll done soon. The countdown to Chicago is ticking loudly in my ear and I have to finish two new dolls before July as well as more ne ones to fill up my booth!! ...Nothing like a deadline to kick my butt into gear!!! lol! Happy Spring and Happy Sculpting everyone!!--Kori

Monday, April 26, 2010

Vacation...and Ball Joint doll is coming along nicely!

Good day everyone! Well it is monday again and about a day and a half away from our annual trip down south to Louisiana to see my husband's family. This will be the first time we drive instead of fly and I am looking forward to it...we are going to take our time and sight-see and do some antiquing! I am finishing up on laundry and packing today...
But, tonight... I will be back sculpting on my new ball joint doll! If I have time today or tonight I will post some WIP pics...I am pleased...it is coming together easily! I have to do some parts sanding and cleaning. So far all I have done is the torso. I usually sculpt all my dolls with the head first...but for this type of doll I am creating the body first to ensure all parts fit well together and move well. I will be sure and post pictures of my progress...after tonight though no sculpting until I return around mid-May!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

New doll being sculpted today!!

I am starting new work today...finally! I have a lot to do before July... Starting today I am working on a fully sculpted original ball-jointed doll. This will be a first ball joint doll for me. Although I have been in the process for months sculpting a rather large 22" stone clay ball-joint doll...which needs a lot more time to complete. This new one is bound to get finished sooner...as it will be considerably smaller ( I am still working out the dimensions of the final piece)...somewhere around 10 1/2". I can not wait to get started on the actual sculpting...preliminary sketches of working out the design details is done, so now the fun part starts! I will post pics as I go...stay tuned!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A new direction!

I decided yesterday, not to start my civil war era child doll just yet...I decided I will go another direction. I am very excited to make this new doll and will post pictures as I go...
I discovered long ago that I really need to get excited about the project in order to get a nice finishd piece. I kind of lost my momentum in making another doll the same size, scale and style as the last one...so I decided to go a totally new direction. I still need to finish two new dolls for ODACA days and the UFDC convention...I also need to make more for the sale table. I don't want to confuse the ODACA judges in the final round of judging by making something totally new..so I am not sure if this new piece will be one of the ones shown in the final judging round. Stay tuned...this new doll I am making is totally out of my "norm"... I am so exited...however, before I start today I need a quick trip to the hardware store! ;-)--Kori

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Great News!!!

Hello everyone!
I got some wonderful news this morning! As many of you know I have been in the process of applying for membership to ODACA (Original doll artist council of America) http://www.odaca.org/index.php . I found out this morning that I have made it through the second round of judging and will be going to Chicago in July for the final round of judging, the interview process. I will need to bring "Marie Therese" and two other new dolls to the convention...as well as a few more for the sales room (if I make it through final round)...I am very exited! It is an honor to get this far in the process and it will be fun to attend the show and convention...I have never been to a large doll show or to Chicago for that matter! Well, I now have a lot of work to do...so I better get to it! Stay tuned for Work in Progress photos!--Kori

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Need to clean the studio today...contemplating a new sculpt!

I finally got my blog all set up...now I need to clean my studio mess from my last doll and put away all my new supplies! Tonight I will start my next new doll! I have decided she will be the same size and scale as my last doll...Marie Therese (about 13"). This time I have decided she will be from the 1860's...I ordered some reproduction civil war fabric (and just got it in)...and have been studying period photographs and clothing designs from the period (the photos at left are a couple of my reference photos). I have also ordered a mourning brooch from the period in her size and have decided to make a "holding doll" in the Izannah Walker style. I recently signed up for an Izannah Walker online class, that I was too busy to really take part in because I had to finish several commission pieces as well as working on dolls for an ODACA (Original Doll Artist Council of America) review. Marie Therese, was sculpted for the second round of judging. I will know sometime in April how I did. I am being optomistic, and have decided to get an early start on the final two dolls for the third and final round of judging which will take place in July at the ODACA convention. Crossing my fingers I will make it that far!! ;-) --Kori

Friday, March 26, 2010

New to blogging...but here goes!

Hi Everyone!
Welcome to my blog page! My name is Kori Leppart-Butts and I am a professional Doll Artist as well as a sculptor and teacher. After a lot of encouragement from friends and customers I am finally starting to blog! This page is dedicated to my sculpture and my original art dolls. Turtle Child Studio is named in honor of my first born, my son, who changed my life completely...he was slow to come into my life...I didn't have him until I was 37 years old, hence the "Turtle Child". Both of my children ( I now also have a daughter) are a continual inspiration for my work. I love children and children's stories, such as fairy tales and folklore. You will see most of my Art Dolls are children, although I do make adult sculptures from time to time.

I plan on using this blog to communicate closer with my customers, fans and students. I will post work in progress photos as well as some tutorials for the beginning OOAK (One of a kind) artist. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy sharing it with you!! To view more of my work visit www.turtlechild.com , or to register for a class visit www.thatcreativeplace.com .