Portrait of a BJD

Portrait of a BJD
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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Babies Class and new doll supplies on Etsy!

Hello everyone,

It has been a while now since I have posted here. I apologise for the long absence. I will be starting my babies class soon on http://www.thatcreatplace.com/ website. If you are interested in this class you can get on my mailing list to be alerted when class sign-ups begin. They will start early this October, with class beginning later this month! The class will instruct you on two ways to sculpt a baby. One will be fully sculpted as a solid figure, the other you will sculpt head, arms, and legs and attach them to a bean-bag style body. This type of doll is very poseable. Dolls can be made any size you desire. The class also includes a down loadable workbook with pictures and full instructions to make both styles of babies and a clothing pattern to complete your baby.

I am going to post new supplies tonight on my Etsy store in anticipation for this class. The doll pictured here is sculpted in Prosculpt and dipped in wax. This wax dip helps to add the lovely sheen and translucency to the skin of the doll...giving it a more life-like appearance. This wax will be available in my Etsy store...with full instructions for it's use. The wax can be used on any polymer doll or air dry clay doll to add a unique finish! I also have many hand-made eyes which will be added to my store over the next couple of days. You may view my store here... http://www.etsy.com/shop/turtlechild Please check back often as I will be adding new supplies daily through -out the week!! Hope to see you in class!

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