Portrait of a BJD

Portrait of a BJD
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Sunday, August 29, 2010

New Face for Alice!...and News from my Studio

Alice's new face for my polymer BJD is finished! If you remember from past posts, I was not happy with the first head I made for Alice...I was sick at the time with gall bladder attacks before my trip to Chicago and needed a quick head to finish the BJD I was working on. The first head I made for Alice looked "pained" and not like my work at all...so I said "OFF WITH HER HEAD!"...and made a new one. So, Alice is done except for her shoes... I will be making her high top boots and then she will be finished!
Also on Friday, I finished an interview for DOLLS magazine, which will appear in the December issue of the magazine. This will be my first appearance in DOLLS magazine, so I am very excited to be published in it! Alice will also make her appearance in the magazine.
I can't wait to get back to my large Gofun BJD's... It will be great to get back to work on these, as it really is my new passion! I am anxious to debut them finally, work was put off for about a year now because of work done in anticiapation for ODACA membership....so I am excited to get back to it! I plan on debuting my new line of dolls at the IDEX show in January. I will post some wip pics here and there to show the progress...
That is about all I have to say this beautiful Sunday morning...It is starting to feel like fall and I am embracing the new season...and the cooler temperatures! Happy Weekend Everyone! Until next time!!--Kori

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sculpting in my Studio Again!

Well, I am finally back to work after surgery and a month or so of physical set-backs! It seems it has been months since I have picked up the clay and got back to work. First on the agenda is a new head for my new BJD (Ball Joint doll) Alice...and then on to completing her accessories. I was not fond of her head at all...so I decided..."Off with her head", and on with a new one!
I sculpted my new BJD Alice when I was very sick, enduring what seemed to be daily gall-bladder attacks. It was getting near time to leave for the ODACA convention in Chicago, and my new BJD I had been sculpting for over a month needed a head...so, a very "pained expressioned Alice is what came out...Lesson learned...never sculpt when you are sick...your emotions definately show through in your work! I will post pictures of the new and improved Alice as I go along!
It is such a relief to finally be back in my studio and at work again! Another news brief from my studio...I have a brand new line of large BJDs waiting to debut. I have been working on these new BJDs for over a year now and had to put them aside as I went through the ODACA membership process and then of course gall bladder surgery. They are very large 20 to 30 inches! They will be quite different than any of my other dolls, but this is the new direction I am pursuing with my work. I hope you all enjoy the new direction my work is taking me. I still will be making my miniature sculpts and cabinet size polymer dolls for my collectors out there...no worries about that! But, as a former tailor, I have been dieing to get my costume design techniques out and making a line of dolls that can change costumes easily like BJDs do! Stay tuned...there will be alot of new dolls coming out of my studio soon! Until we talk again!--Kori