Portrait of a BJD

Portrait of a BJD
Inmemoria 2016 LE 3

Monday, October 25, 2010

New Gofun BJD Dolls!

I am so excited! I finally have my new dolls getting close to completion! I have been working, researching and learning this new technique for over a year now! The supplies and the technique are all from early Japanese methods. I have purchased probably over a dozen books from Japan on this ancient doll art...and have been researching and learning this technique over the past year! I am so excited now to have a doll finally nearing completion! I still have many, many hours of work ahead of me...and my deadline of January 27, getting closer and closer! I will be unveiling my new line of dolls 'La Belle Poupee', January 27-30 at the IDEX show in Orlando, Florida!

I can't believe it has been a year already, since I first started this venture! A year of many challenges and hurdles! First was the daunting task of learning this method from Japanese books...when I do not speak or read Japanese! Next, after I got over the language barrier was the task of finding a supplier for all my supplies...but here I am, with a head nearing the final stages! I still need to sculpt some more on the head...then several more layers of gofun need to be added, and of course sanding, burnishing and painting! Her body is still in it's very rough stages...but looks like a body anyway!! She will be 20 inches when finished and will have set in eyes and of course a ball jointed body. I will post pictures here on my blog as I work for those of you who are curious!...so stay tuned!!--Kori

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