Portrait of a BJD

Portrait of a BJD
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Saturday, July 31, 2010

My surgery is over...and am healing fine!

Hello everyone,
I had my gall bladder surgery this last Wednesday. It was over and done and within 3 hours of the surgery I was on my way home to sleep and recover!
It is three days now and I am able to eat foods with flavor (and fat) again! Yay!! I am also healing well and not as sore as I have been the past two days...I have been ordering supplies to finish my new line of large ball joint dolls and I am looking forward to returning to my studio soon to work on them...I think I may even venture up there today and clean some!!
Thank you to all my sweet friends for your well wishes and prayers...I am truely touched!!
I can't wait now to get back to work...I have all kinds of ideas rolling around in my head! Stay tuned...new WIP pics soon to come!!--Kori

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