Portrait of a BJD

Portrait of a BJD
Inmemoria 2016 LE 3

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Just Released!

I just recently finished a new tutorial, " Sculpting a moveable bust"! The photos shown are from two of my dolls which have been previously sold. A "moveable bust" can be finished just as a bust or as a complete doll! This tutorial will be a first in the series, as I continue on with the next tutorial I will cover how to make a finished "Cabinet Doll" with clay arms, hands, legs and feet and a cloth body.
Many artists make and sell doll busts, and they have really become quite popular. Why not make one a little better than the rest? Make a bust that moves with a ball and socket joint between the head and breast-plate. It will give the collector options for posing their bust.
I cover all aspects of sculpting a beautiful head, and then making a breast-plate to pose the head in. If you choose you can hold on to the head and breast plate and continue on to make a finished doll (to be shown in future tutorials) or mount the head and breast plate for a "moveable bust"! The tutorial has 37 pages with many full color photos and sculpting aides. PDF format on CD, this is a large file and is not available as a download.


Sunday, April 7, 2013

Finishing my new BJD!

I just wanted to share with everyone my latest BJD. She is 20 inches and is made of stone clay and gofun. (Gofun is an oyster shell paste, commonly used on traditional Japanese dolls). She is going to be "Alice" when finished. She was quite the undertaking and took me most of last year to finish sculpting her. I am very pleased with how she is turning out. Because she is such a special piece I am taking extra care in her finishing techniques and I am teaching myself how to hand tie a wig for her. I will post more work in progress pictures in the days (and weeks, I am sure) to come. Stay tuned ;)