Portrait of a BJD

Portrait of a BJD
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Sunday, October 19, 2014

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Resin Prototype is finished and heading to the factory, and announcing NEW projects!

Hello everyone!  I am so sorry it has been MONTHS since I have posted!  I will not be so neglectful from now on I promise!  I have just been so hard at work on my prototype for RESIN production!  My first!  Here is a few preview shots of her unpainted...she is actually two dolls...Monday and Tuesday, they are very goth twins (and have a famous older sister).  They were loosely inspired by the illustrative work of my good friend Mab Graves (with her approval of course).  She did a wonderful illustration of them which I then just had to translate into dolls!

I will post more pictures of my twins in other posts but just had to share some quick snap shots!  There are two dolls, as I said, so there are two face plates.  The one pictured here is Tuesday.  I will post pics of Monday as well, later on.  I don't want to spill all the beans right away. It is exciting!  Not long now and they will be winging their way off to the factory for production!   It will be a few months before the finished results are back and I can reveal some final looks.  Whaat you are viewing in these shots is just a hand poured resin PROTOTYPE that I made here in my studio.  While I wait for the return of my beloved twins, I will post some concept drawings and some costume designs.  That way you will get a feel for the final product! 

I am really excited about two new projects I have in my sketchbook that as I have been working on this prototype for the last year plus, have been dying to get out of my head and into form!  The first is a series called " MAD WORLD".  This is an Alice in Wonnderland series of dolls that I have had in my mind forever.  She will not be your usual Alice, but a dark and brooding Alice with "issues".  I am still not sure if I will be making these dolls in porcelain or hand cast resin (in my studio).  And yes, these WILL be ball-jointed dolls!

The next project I am excited about is " MUFFY AND MISS S"... Who are Muffy and Miss S, you ask?  It is Little Miss Muffet and her spider friend of course!  No details on this set...lets just say, I think you are in for a surprise!  Again, not sure of the medium, or whether these will be available as one of a kinds or a small edition series.  Still debating these details.  Well, anyway...that catches you up on news from my studio.  I will post some more pictures of "Monday and Tuesday" in the next few weeks   Until then!