Portrait of a BJD

Portrait of a BJD
Inmemoria 2016 LE 3

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New OOAK BJD in the works!

I am pleased to finally be sculpting my first doll of 2012! Since moving this last fall I have not had a space set up which I could work. I have set up a "make do" studio in a corner of my bedroom. It will work for now until I get the carriage house on our property remodeled into my studio.
This latest BJD is a one of a kind sculpted of polymer clay. She is a first for me, in that she is the first closed eye doll I have ever made. She will be the sleeping Snow White. 14 inches high when standing, she is also the doll shown being made in my latest tutorial. "Advanced polymer BJD techniques" will be an advanced version of my previous Polymer BJD making tutorial. I will be showing more jointing techniques, including "double jointing", as well as some extras! I am hoping to have this new tutorial finished by early February!
As I work on this doll I will post more wip pics here! Stay tuned!