Portrait of a BJD

Portrait of a BJD
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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

New OOAK Porcelain BJD "Forgotten" Available Now!

Hi all!
  I just wanted to let you know that my newest OOAK Porcelain BJD "Forgotten" is available now on the Dollery.com website. The Dollery is having their 33rd Annual Doll Show and Sale.   "Forgotten" is an original OOAK BJD commissioned by the Dollery from one of my original dolls I made in 2011 that was featured on the cover of Contemporary Dolls Magazine and has become the logo for my Turtle Child Studio.  This doll is unique in her own right however.  "Forgotten" is a sad pantomime clown who has been left alone for centuries in a trunk.  No one comes to visit or play with her anymore (her child companion is long gone).  Her once vibrant paint is streaked with tears.   She wears a hand blocked felt hat, with a newspaper fabric corset (with attached "key wind" in the back). She has hand made silk shoes which are removable and she has a custom stand. She also carries a small hand-made stick clown puppet which has been her only companion.
 All my BJDS are made with high quality porcelain, this doll is no exception and is made of Dresden color porcelain.  High fire paints ensure a beautifully finished doll.  She has 18 points of articulation and paper-weight blue glass eyes.  Forgotten comes with a hand signed COA and gift box.  Please contact the Dollery for purchase or kmalone@dollery.com.

Go to the Dollery.com

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Vacuum Wing said...

I liked your blog. You have shared many beautiful dolls with us. Doll on this article is also beautiful and unique. Usually, many dolls are happy but this time your sad doll idea is amazing. Keep sharing.

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